Detect health security threats earlier and faster. Monitor trends in real-time.

Astute Canary is a global syndromic detection platform to identify potential health security threats and empower faster public health response. Astute Canary identifies early warning signals by finding patterns and anomalies in clinical data from novel datasets.

Who we are

In March 2020, MITRE and the Mayo Clinic established the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition (C19HCC) as a coordinated public-interest, private-sector, and academic response to the COVID-19 pandemic, convening over 900 healthcare organizations, technology firms, nonprofits, universities, and startups.

Now, MITRE is building Astute Canary, a data-driven, global capability to detect health security threats (not just COVID-19) earlier and monitor trends in real-time using federated public health, health analytics, and other digital health data sources. Astute Canary insights are powered by MITRE's deep cross-sector expertise in global health security, public health, digital health decision support, machine learning, and MITRE's rich heritage as a trusted public sector partner.

a world map rendered on a grid with COVID-19 outbreak markers overlaid on top

Benefits of Astute Canary

  • Real-Time

    Astute Canary gives you situational awareness to help keep your community safe in real-time. Watch situations evolve and get updates on outbreak probabilities.

  • Secure

    MITRE has been a trusted third party data steward to data owners for more than 60 years and employs state of the art technology to keep data secure and safe.

  • Evolving

    In addition to COVID-19, Astute Canary can be configured to detect outbreaks of other health risks such as: Influenza, Zika, Ebola, Malaria, or the next pandemic.

  • Diverse Data Sources

    Astute Canary enables decision-making through its powerful and diverse data partnerships that power novel insights only available through data federation.

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